CNC Machine Shop Making the Impossible Possible

Impossible Tolerances? Unbelievable Complexity? Count on DEYUCNC

Precision Micro Machining真棋牌提When you need a machine shop capable of machining complex components with the highest precision, you can count on DEYUCNC. Our team of highly skilled CNC machinists has the experience and expertise required to produce close tolerance components with 1 to 100 micron accuracy. If other CNC machine shops CAN’T do it, DEYUCNC WANTS to. Contact us today to discuss the manufacturability of your design ideas or to learn more about the capabilities of our facility, machines, and staff.

Services provided, with micron tolerances, by DEYUCNC:

  • Precision CNC Milling (3, 4, and 5 axis work)
  • Wire EDM Machining (.0015” corner radii and up to .00004” positional accuracies)
  • Sink/Plunge/Ram EDM
  • Super Precision Lathe Work
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High Precision Machine Shop Serving Industries Nationwide

DEYUCNC has become a trusted partner to many industries in Europe and North America. No matter where you are located, if “normal” machine shops think the complex, very tight tolerances your components require are “impossible” to achieve, DEYUCNC will provide the best in ultra-precision CNC machining – getting your parts machined to your exact specifications.

Industries served by DEYUCNC include:

Aerospace & Aircraft CNC Machining Texas


For a flawless application, aircraft and aerospace parts demand the highest precision and exacting accuracies. Depend on DEYUCNC to deliver components meeting or exceeding your quality standards.

Defense CNC Machining Texas


DEYUCNC not only provides unmatched 5 axis milling, wire EDM, and lathe services, but we keep the specifics of your components completely confidential, ensuring vital secrets are not leaked. 

Aircraft Parts Precision Machined


Our CNC professionals are capable of machining a multitude of aircraft components, and to the exact precision required when adhering to the highest industry standards.

Precision Medical CNC Machining Texas


Medical manufacturers and innovators alike choose DEYUCNC when they need to outsource CNC services, create prototypes, or simply cut costs while improving product quality.

Texas CNC Services for Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

When you need complex components for your oil & gas or energy applications, turn to DEYUCNC. From micromachining to 5 axis milling, we can meet your every CNC need.

Precision CNC Machining Texas


Microscopes, telescopes, cameras, and more requiring 100% accuracy on machined components will get nothing less than expected when DEYUCNC is on the job.

Food Processing Machining Florida

Food Manufacturing

Food processing plants comply with a number of health codes and industry standards, often requiring parts of their equipment to be machined specific materials and precision; DEYUCNC is capable of meeting your exact needs.

Tool & Die CNC Machining

Tool & Die

真棋牌提Our CNC engineers have extensive experience with components intended for use with a wide variety of tool and die machinery. Tool and die production is a crucial part of many manufacturing processes.

From anti-locking brake housings for air crafts and a bicep assembly for a robotic arm to oil well fire suppression system flappers,  blood gas analyzers for the medical industry, and tools and dies for manufacturers, DEYUCNC’ CNC machining capabilities are incredible – matching the incredible precision seen in every component and part our professionals produce.

真棋牌提Decades of experience paired with the personal dedication of our CNC machinists and programmers means no project is too big or too difficult for DEYUCNC - making us the best possible OEM parts producer for manufacturers nationwide. We continue to provide high-precision machining services to organizations around the world, including Europe and North America and more.

View our Success Gallery for a firsthand look at the complex components machined by DEYUCNC.

Multi-Axis Milling

5 Axis Services Meeting High Precision Demands

DEYUCNC is a popular choice across many industries for our multi-axis milling capabilities. Providing 3 and 4 axis machining services we take precision to a new level with 5 axis machining真棋牌提. We use the industry’s best 5 axis CNC machines to achieve an angular tolerance of two-thousandths of a degree (.002°). Whether you need prototype or production machining work, DEYUCNC will deliver the highest quality services producing the complex and tight tolerances for your component demands.

Electrical Discharge Machining Services

Wire EDM & Sinker EDM Producing Repeatable Accuracy

DEYUCNC specializes in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). Our industry-leading Sink/Plunge/Ram EDM machines produce the finest details and surface finish work, intricate cavities and shapes, as well as precision gears. Wire EDM machines have high precision .001” wire capabilities allowing a corner radius of .0015”. We can also offer positional accuracies of 3µm to 5µm (we have even achieved positional accuracies of .05µm for one customer). Pairing our wire EDM services with a true rotary axis indexing wire EDM, we can offer 5 axis indexing Wire EDM, which most CNC machine shops are not capable of providing.

真棋牌提Depend on DEYUCNC for top-of-the-line EDM and 5 axis work exceeding the capabilities of normal CNC Machine Shops.

Medical EDMMicromachining

DEYUCNC Gives You a Competitive Advantage on Micron Parts

真棋牌提The demand for smaller and more efficient technology is not going away anytime soon. Micron parts machined to the highest precision with guaranteed reliability is a must for manufacturers in the aircraft, medical, and telecommunications industries. DEYUCNC services will meet your demands with exacting accuracies, helping you get a product out on the market unrivaled by your competitors.

Using innovative CNC technology, including 5 axis milling, Wire EDM, and Sinker EDM, our micromachining services produce miniature parts with unparalleled precision results. We use a 300 power magnification camera inspection system, as well as other precision testing equipment, to measure and ensure accuracy. No matter the size of your tiny component, we can machine the necessary intricacies for flawless application operation.
DEYUCNC has micromachined a multitude of miniature parts over the years – some used in nuclear armament timing devices, microscopes, optical switches, and much more! Whether you need impellers, nozzles, gears, or something never machined before, DEYUCNC will far surpass your expectations and impress like no other machine shop can.  

CNC Swiss Machining

Our Swiss Machining Lathes Offer Ultra Precision Parts with the Tightest Tolerances 

Some of the most precise parts made by the professionals at DEYUCNC are manufactured by our brand new CNC Swiss machining lathes. Our team of professionals manufactures CNC Swiss machined parts真棋牌提 for Europe and North America. From optical measurement components to robotic mechanisms, DEYUCNC’ Swiss machined parts provide businesses with the highest quality manufacturing services with the most affordable prices. 

Our new Swiss CNC lathes are operated within our DEYUCNC facility, and through specialized radial cutting motions, we’re able to manufacture ultra-precise parts with the tightest tolerances and to your exact specifications. Get in touch with our team of CNC engineers and let us provide you and your business with the best CNC Swiss machined parts available on the market. 

Precision CNC Facility

DEYUCNC CNC Machine Shop Strives for Industry Perfection

DEYUCNC operates with the intent to manufacture the highest quality parts while taking zero risks in alteration during the process. Our controlled CNC machining environment真棋牌提 prevents outside factors from creating imperfections in your product. We maintain strict control over dust and particles in our EDM room and incorporate temperature monitoring systems sensitive to a half degree—all to produce the highest quality parts for our clients.

No matter what industry you work in, the professional engineers at DEYUCNC will manufacture your precision CNC parts真棋牌提 for you to your exact specifications. You can rest assured our services will meet your industry standards, and our dedication to the craft allows for the best results and at the most affordable prices.

ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100 Certified CNC Machinists Set the Bar for Ultra-Precision Services

Wire EDM ServiceDEYUCNC success is derived directly from the success of our clients. As a factory with many years of experience in CNC machining, you are assured our services meet industry quality standards. We exceed these standards with a dedication to precision demonstrated by our loyal and talented employees, the best CNC machines in the industry, and a facility designed to handle temperature control needs. For services including precision machining, micromachining, 5 axis CNC milling, wire EDM, Ram/Plunge/Sink EDM, or lathes/turning – rely on no other CNC Machine Shop than DEYUCNC.

When Quality and Precision are One in the Same

It takes an experienced engineering team to properly operate our software and produce high-quality parts—but this difficulty threshold is precisely what sets our CNC Machines and their operators apart. X, A three-dimensional CNC Machine gives us more precise positioning and velocity than is possible with manual machining. X, Y, and Z axis control points provide our technicians with the exact machining capabilities our customers need.  It makes every product we create better than anything else on the market.

Using our state of the art CNC Machining capabilities, we’ve worked with a range of industries to create intricate parts and components for systems in:

  • Satellites
  • 3D heart cavity scanning instrument
  • Rockets and robots
  • Lasik surgery devices
  • And more!

See our case studies to learn more about our services and past work.

CNC Machinists Create High-Quality Precision Medical Components

Medical equipment and device manufacturers everywhere choose DEYUCNC for high-quality precision machined components.  Our CNC medical components are used in nearly every facet of this industry from diagnostic imaging to surgical procedures. Some of the areas our custom machined components are used for include MRI scanners, biopsy cutters, Trocar/Cannula systems and more.

DEYUCNC uses only state-of-the-art technology to create the most reliable components. Our medical CNC machining capabilities include:

  • EDM
  • 5-Axis Machining
  • Micromachining

真棋牌提Our team of CNC machinists carries out every step of the machining process. We carefully monitor each project from start to finish to ensure your medical components meet your exact specifications.

DEYUCNC has best track record for incredibly accurate components and quick turnaround times.

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